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Who are We?

Mission of the Shrine Desert of Arizona

The members of the Shrine Desert of Arizona will promote Shrinedom and positively impact the communities in which we reside by increasing our visibility, participation and presence in community events and by increasing community awareness of the charitable programs of the AEAONMS Inc.

Imperial Council Charitable Programs

    The Oliver Washington Jr. National Diabetes Initiative (NDI) (Predominate Charity) our goal in this initiative is to educate our community on the dangers of Diabetes and donate $1 Million dollars within the next ten years to the American Diabetes Association (ADA). In June of each year, the subordinate Temples/Courts of the AEAONMS Inc. sponsor a walk in our Deserts to raise the funds for our charitable donation to the ADA.

   Shriners as Mentors (SAM) or Daughters as Mentors (DIME) (Major Charity) the purpose of this program is for the Nobility to be involved in our communities by educating and teaching the youth to be better men/women and citizens. We can achieve this goal by partnering with existing youth programs or creating our own. National background checks are required to be on file with the AEAONMS Inc. prior to our membership participating with the youth.

     Student Aid (Major Charity) this program gives a graduating high school senior a $1000.00 grant to further their education. The application is on the website and must be submitted to the Deputy of the Desert by April 30th of each year. The selectees are notified in late August.

    Voters Registration and Education (Major Charity) our goal in this program is to educate and register eligible voters in our communities. We sponsor Voter Registration drives in May and September of each year.

Membership/Group Supervision (Major Charity) this program is designed to increase the membership in our Temples/Courts and grow our organization!

    Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative (Major Charity) is a program sponsored by the Daughters Auxiliary to educate and promote Breast Cancer Awareness during the month of October each year.

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